Myriam is the inspiring force behind B&B "het Buitenhuys". Her entire life is dedicated to 'the care for people'.

Myriam is a nurse / midwife and responsible for a day care center. However, running a private B&B has been her ultimate dream for years. There’s nothing she likes more than receiving people at her home.

Besides her daily activities, she can be found in the large garden and if she still has some time left, she’s creative with calligraphy, making storage boxes, handicrafts, flower arranging and of course making cakes, jams, etc.

Pieter-Jan and Eva, her children, and their partners help in the B&B as well.

The garden and orchard with old fruits is Pieter-Jan's great merit. Eva is mainly occupied with the social media of the B&B (Instagram, Facebook, ...).

Piet, Myriams partner is a West-Fleming who lives in the Kempen for more than 30 years. He became a professional pilot because flying is his great passion. When he’s not abroad, he takes care of the guests.